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Supply List for Grade 8

Supply List for Grade 8 (2020-2021):

*Items with an astericks are needed for remote learning. All other items will be needed once in-person instruction begins.*

* Earbuds *
One (1) 3-hole pencil pouch
Multicolor highlighters (pink, orange, yellow, blue)
Sticky notes (e.g., Post-Its)
Colored pencils, markers, crayons
Inside the pencil pouch: pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, scissors, glue stick, colored pens
Optional supplies: tape, mini stapler, ruler, clipboard

* One (1) pack of college-ruled loose leaf paper *
* One (1) pack of graph paper *
* Calculator – graphing function required (TI-83 or TI-84) *
* One (1) ruler (6 or 12 inches) *
* Two (2) pencils with erasers *
One (1) 2-inch 3-ring binder

Science – T. Johnson
One (1) 3-ringed 2-inch binder (pockets and clear cover optional)
Wide-ruled notebook paper
Pencils or pens
Color pencils
One (1) 8-pack dividers
Glue or glue stick
Pencil pouch

Science – A. Thompson
One (1) 2-inch, 3-ring binder with front and back pockets and a clear front cover for labeling
One (1) 120-page 3-ring wire bound spiral notebook (to be added to your binder and used for warm-ups)
One (1) 8-pack dividers
One (1) 3-ring pencil pouch
One (1) pack of notebook paper (placed in front of tabs in 3-ring binder)
One (1) pack of 4 x 6 lined index cards (can be used for other classes, only need about 20)
Two (2) pencils with erasers to be stored in your 3-ring pencil pouch
One (1) pack of colored pencils to be stored in your 3-ring pencil pouch
One each: mini pencil sharpener, highlighter, pair of scissors, glue stick to be stored in your 3-ring pencil pouch
Optional supplies: hole puncher, tape, mini stapler

Social Studies – Brady
One (1) 1 ½-inch 3-ring binder with front & back pockets {Please not larger than 1 ½-inch wide, Thanks}
Loose leaf notebook paper – college ruled, regular size
Hole reinforcers for loose leaf paper
Regular & colored pencils
Blue or black ink pens
Pencil pouch for binder
Ruler – 6” or 12”
Plastic sheet protectors – 10-count
One box of tissues – to turn in
One package baby wipes – to turn in

Notebook with pockets
Wooden clip board
Music staff paper

CTE – McAlister/Peterson
* One (1) 1-inch 3-ring binder with side pockets *
* Earbuds/headphones *
* Paper (8.5 x 11 inches) *
* Pencils *
* Pens – black/blue *
USB Drive (1G)
One (1) box tissues

French – Small
One (1) 1-inch 3-ring binder with side pockets
Paper (8.5 x 11 inches)
* Earbuds with mic*
* Notebook *
Colored pencils

Global Connections – Raffaelli/Bradford
Two (2) graph paper composition notebooks
Loose leaf paper
Folder with pockets
* Colored pencils *
* Glue sticks *
* Scissors *
* Pencils *
* Earbuds *

Gym Uniform & Bag (see handbook), may be purchased from SFCMS

Library Science
Inexpensive earbuds or headphones for personal use


Visual Arts – Bradford
*Hardbound Sketchbook – 11″ × 8½” – 100 + pages of white or buff drawing paper
(Recommended: The Premiere sketchbook by Nicole is very sturdy and holds up well.) *
Student-prefered drawing pens (Sharpie, Stabilo, Micron, etc.)

General Supplies
Combination-lock purchased from SFCMS (previous years’ lock is acceptable)

Optional Teachers’ Wish Lists
Hand sanitizer
Small bag of candy (Thompson and Moore-Allen only)

Published by Mary Potter on August 14, 2020